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Melania Trump Hates Holding Donald's Hand - YouTube

Melania Trump has a really hard time holding her husband's hand. Don't believe it? Here's the proof. Subscribe to HuffPost today: http://goo.gl/xW6HG Get Mor.. Donald Trump gets embarrassed when Melania slaps his hand during their visit to Israel

First Lady Melania Trump swatting away president Donald Trump's hand on the tarmac in Israe Melania swats away her husband, President Donald Trump, as they walk to Marine One in Washington D.C Original video: http://dailym.ai/2BFHj01 Full story: htt.. Melania Appears to Pull Hand Away from President Trump After Debate Melania to President Trump Let. Go. Of. My. Hand. She Seems Ticked in Post-Debate Vid. 17.6K; 10/23/2020 7:06 AM P In a video posted by user @KevinlyFather, the Bidens can be seen waving goodbye to the Trumps, who don't appear to respond, before heading their separate ways - which is when the hand snatch..

Trump tries to hold Melania's hands in this excruciating clip 'She really, really doesn't like him': Awkward video shows Trump repeatedly trying to hold Melania's hand 'Welcome to the. Virales Video: Melania Trump weigert sich noch immer, Donald Trumps Hand zu halten Redaktion k.at. 18.08.2020. Debatte der Klubobleute: Ohne Corona ging's auch diesmal nicht . Dreierpack von. Many times throughout Donald Trump 's presidency, we've seen videos of his wife Melania Trump pulling her hand away from him and it has happened again. The First Lady of the United States was seen..

Presidential Debate 2020: Trump Seen Pushing Melania Off Stage After She Pulls Her Hand Away [VIDEO] President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were caught sharing the awkward encounter. First Lady Melania Trump was not into President Donald Trump's attempt to hold her hand as they walked off stage following last night's debate against Democratic nominee Joe Biden. People on.. Melania Trump could only handle so much PDA at the debate, immediately yanking her hand away from her husband, Donald, as they exited the debate stage away from the cameras Awkward moments between Donald and Melania Trump are not uncommon, but Thursday's debate saw an interaction between the couple that was so odd people don't know what to make of it. At the end of the final debate between the president and Joe Biden, both of their respective partners made their way on to the stage. While everything seemed rosy between the Bidens, there was

Melania Trump Smacks Donald Trumps Hand In Israel!! - YouTube

Joining the ranks of awkward memes involving Donald and Melania Trump is this moment from Thursday night final presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee. The first lady appeared to yank her hand. Melania Trump appears to pull her hand away from the President after his second Presidential Debate with Joe Biden Share this video: Video: Melania Trump pulls hand away from President after debat Melania Trump appeared to pull her hand away from Donald Trump following the final US presidential debate. The president and First Lady were leaving the stage alongside one another as Melania. Nearly four years into the presidency, seeing Melania Trump swat away her husband's hand is almost expected. Every time she's done it so far has been compiled into a hilarious video Melania Trump wehrt sich gegen Händchenhalten mit ihrem Mann . 23. Oktober 2020 - 12:46 Uhr. Im Video: Melania Trump zieht ihre Hand weg. Dass Melania Trump öffentlich nicht gerne die Hand ihres.

Melania Trump swatting Donald's hand away - YouTube

  1. Im Video: Melania Trump zieht ihre Hand weg Dass Melania Trump öffentlich nicht gerne die Hand ihres Mannes Donald Trump hält, fiel bereits bei mehreren Auftritten des Präsidenten und der First..
  2. In a video that has gone viral on social media, Melania moved her hand away from Donald Trump as he attempted a few times to grasp her left hand. It's worth noting that the first lady was also.
  3. Melanie Trump refuses to take Trump's hand. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu
  4. gly disconnected moment between the President and First.

Melania slaps President Trump's hand away - YouTube

Melania Trump has once again been caught on camera appearing to refuse to hold her husband Donald's hand - sparking amusement on social media.. The latest frosty encounter took place on Sunday. Melania Trump seemed more into her $13K Hermès Birkin bag than husband Donald as she continuously declined holding his hand in this new video from Aug. 16! Melania Trump, 50, was once again not. Melania Trump Refuses to Hold Donald Trump's Hand in New Video That Sends Social Media Into Overdrive. By Libby Birk - August 17, 2020 09:44 am EDT. Share 0 Comments. 0 After Melania and Donald Trump went viral for yet another awkward hand-holding incident over the weekend, social media has taken to debating the significance of the moment. While many people feel there is an unspoken gravity to. Melania Appears To Snub Trump's Hand Hold Moments After Debate. By. Carissa House-Dunphy - September 30, 2020. 0. 269. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. The relationship between President Donald Trump and his third wife, Melania, has always been somewhat of a mystery to the American public. There is rarely any warmth displayed between the two and they seem miles apart in.

Melania Appears to Pull Hand Away from President Trump

If you've seen the latest clip of Donald and Melania Trump stepping off Air Force One, you'll have seen the cringeworthy moment where the First Lady pulls her hand away from her husband when he. The final debate of the 2020 presidential election ended on yet another awkward note as first lady Melania Trump snatched her hand away from Donald Trump as the two walked off the stage. In a clip. Whether Melania actually didn't want to hold Trump's hand or was just trying to hold her skirt down, she still managed to look sensational. Her camel shirt dress by Stella McCartney would have swamped a more petit frame but made the most of her amazonian figure. It features army style pockets to the front and a flattering hemline. The dress. US-Präsident Donald Trump macht sich erneut zum Gespött. Ein Video auf Twitter zeigt, wie Melania Trump Versuche ihres Mannes abwehrt, ihre Hand zu halten In a video posted by user @KevinlyFather, the Bidens can be seen waving goodbye to the Trumps, who don't appear to respond, before heading their separate ways †which is when the hand.

Donald Trump snubbed by Melania as she 'shakes her head' at him in awkward public blunder DONALD TRUMP'S suggestion of saying hello to fans at a presidential campaign event was awkwardly rejected. U.S. President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump walk from Air Force One to Marine One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, U.S., August 16, 2020 Back in 2018, following a wave of speculation about the state of their marriage, Melania assured an ABC News reporter that she had tender feelings for her husband and they were fine Melania Trump hält ungern Donald Trumps Hand. Immer wieder greift Donald Trump bei öffentlichen Auftritten nach der Hand seiner Frau. Beim gestrigen Auftritt akzeptierte sie das scheinbar.

Awkward video of Trump and Melania holding hands after the

Melania Trump: Awkward video shows Trump repeatedly trying

Melania Trump verweigert Donald Trump die Hand. Bereits des Öfteren hat Melania ganz deutlich klargemacht, dass sie weder Fan von öffentlichem Händchenhalten, noch von öffentlichen. A video has shown Melania Trump appearing to refuse to hold husband Donald Trump's hand as they stepped off Air Force One. Footage, which has been widely shared online, shows the First Lady, 50. Melania Trump has a long history of not, uh, being super enthusiastic about holding her husband's hand, and she was back at it during Thursday night's presidential debate.. After Trump and Biden. Melania Trump äußert sich nur spärlich in der Öffentlichkeit und gibt noch seltener Interviews. Auch deshalb ranken sich inzwischen viele Mythen um die First Lady. Nicht alle scheinen einem Realitätscheck standzuhalten, wie Washington Post-Journalistin Mary Jordan in einem neuen Buch zeigt, das am Dienstag erscheint. Der Titel lautet in Anlehnung an Donald Trumps Bestseller The.

A video of First Lady Melania Trump not reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during a 9/11 memorial ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania went viral Friday YouTube Melania Trump pulls her hand away from President Donald Trump as he attempts to hold it while stepping down from Air Force One on August 16, 2020

Virales Video: Melania Trump weigert sich noch immer

Another video of the First Lady Melania Trump refusing to hold the Preisdent's hand has emerged. And it's just as painfully cringe as all the other ones Video of President Trump being rebuffed while attempting to hold the first lady's hand has got the gossip mill spinning once more. Though unlike previous occasions when Melania Trump swatted.

Donald Trump in der Kritik nach Schock-Video von Washington-Auftritt: US-Präsident fordert Melania Trump zum Lachen auf in Floyd-Krise Von news.de-Redakteurin Sarah Baumann - 04.06.2020, 14.38 Uh Rihanna Reacts to a Viral Video of Melania Trump Refusing to Hold Her Husband's Hand. Instead, the First Lady holds tight onto her Birkin bag. By Chelsey Sanchez. Aug 18 2020, 12:08 pm EDT Rihanna. Twitter has gone bananas over a video that seems to show Melania Trump repeatedly wriggling out of attempts by her husband, President Donald Trump, to hold her hand. In scenes familiar to anyone who has been on a very different page to a bad date, Melania was spotted gently detangling her hand from her husband's several times before yanking it away altogether. View photos. Melania has.

Melania Trump Pulled Her Hand Out of Donald Trump's Grip

Twitter users weren't the only ones laughing over a video of First Lady Melania Trump, 50, seemingly doing everything possible to not hold Donald's hand as they disembarked Air Force One in. Video Shows Melania Rejecting Trump's Hand, Twice, on Air Force One Steps. HAPPY FAMILIES. Tom Sykes. Updated Aug. 17, 2020 4:33PM ET / Published Aug. 17, 2020 4:27AM ET R / Sarah Silbiger. Da hat sogar der Präsident alle Hände voll zu tun. Wenn ihr den im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes modischen Fehltritt von Melania sehen wollt, klickt einfach oben auf das Video. In London stand auch. Donald and Melania Trump got married in January of 2005, and rumors have dogged the couple for years about their relationship being fake

Presidential Debate 2020: Trump Seen Pushing Melania Off

Donald Trump and Melania Trump continue holding hands after disembarking Marine One in Maryland to board their transfer flight, Air Force One, which would carry the couple to Nashville, Tennessee. Angeblich wegen anhaltendem Husten sagte Melania Trump am Dienstag einen Wahlkampfauftritt mit ihrem Gatten ab. Während der ganzen Kampagne hält sich die First Lady bereits im Hintergrund In Rom verwehrte Melania ihrem Donald schon wieder die Hand! Ein zum viralen Hit gewordenes Video zeigt, wie First Lady Melania die Hand ihres Mannes, Präsident Trump, beim offiziellen Empfang in.

Twitter users have questioned whether Melania pulled her hand away from Donald Trump as the pair left the final debate on Thursday night, while others dismissed it as a non-event Video; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; RSS; Search. Politics - News Analysis Nation Collectively Laughs as Melania Repeatedly Refuses to Hold Trump's Hand. By Jason Miciak August 16, 2020. Share; Tweet; Share; Flip It ; Print; In not important news today Trump and family arrived back at Joint Base Andrews after a hard weekend of fundraising at the country club with New Jersey's finest MAGA. Melania Trump wollte ihren Mann US-Präsident Donald Trump am Dienstag zu einem Wahlkampfauftritt begleiten. Doch daraus wurde nichts. Der Grund: Anhaltender Husten. Was als reine. Trump steht in dem kurzen Clip neben seiner Frau und versucht, ihre Hand zu nehmen. Zunächst tippt er sie mit dem Finger immer wieder an, worauf sie nicht zu reagieren scheint. Erst nach einigen.

Watch Melania Trump Rip Hand Away From Donald Trump's

An icy moment between Donald Trump and the First Lady has caught attention after Melania repeatedly dodged her husband's hand. news.com.au August 18, 2020 8:59am Vide Donald and Melania Trump's wedding and the revealing detail. 21 Jun, 2020 07:14 PM 5 minutes to read. Video will play in. Play now. Don't auto play. Never auto play. Melania Trump says president's. Trump wirft seinem Gegner Joe Biden vor, er känne die Corona-Pandemie nicht händeln. Twitter-Chef Jack Dorsey soll den Dienst abgeschaltet haben, um die Verbreitung eines Artikels über Joe.

Trump Avoids Holding Melania's Hand in Public Because it's

Melania Trump hält sich vor der US-Wahl auffällig zurück und auch als First Lady ist sie blass geblieben. Aber sie hat immer wieder Akzente gesetzt Ein Video von Donald Trump und seiner Gattin sorgt derzeit für Spekulationen im Netz. Es zeigt, wie der US-Präsident mehrmals versucht, Melanias Hand zu nehmen. Die..

Melania Trump’s Black Cape: Holds Hands With Donald As

Melania Trump Yanks Hand Away From Donald After Debate

Im Video oben seht ihr Melanias Look und ihre eindeutige Miene beim gestrigen Auftritt. Melania Trump hält ungern Donald Trumps Hand. Immer wieder greift Donald Trump bei öffentlichen Auftritten. Donald Trump attemped to hold his wife Melania's hand as the pair arrived in Washington DC after flying from New Jersey. However, the US First Lady appeared to ignore the gesture whilst trying. Peinliche Situation: US-Präsident Trump wollte seiner Gattin nach seinem Freispruch im Amtsenthebungsverfahren einen Kuss geben. Melania wusste den Schmatzer aber zu verhindern

Final debate: Did Melania pull her hand away from Trump

Melania & Donald Trump Holding Hands Is Awkward AF: SeeDer Papst & Trump Händchen Halten

Trump tugged at Melania's hand after seeing Biden hugged affectionately by wife Jill. That's what the cameras caught and you can try to interpret it other ways Melania Trump wirkte gelangweilt und abwesend. Unten im Video seht ihr, wie Gatte Donald Trump sie regelrecht zur Tür ziehen muss. Der 73-Jährige nimmt sie bei der Hand - doch ihr Gesicht sagt. A video is doing rounds on the internet showing how Melania has turned down holding Trump's hand when the couple with their son Barron arrived at Joint Base Andrews from Morristown, New Jersey, on August 17. In the video, the three are getting down from their plane on a windy day, where Melania wearing a Brown skirted dress is trying hard to hold her dress with her left hand and support her. We've got no idea what goes on inside Donald and Melania Trump's relationship, but what we do know is that yet another video of the First Lady refusing to hold her husband's hand has emerged Seit über 20 Jahren ist Melania Trump die Frau an der Seite von Donald Trump. Doch in all den Jahren hat sich die heutige First Lady stark verändert - vor allem äußerlich. Wir zeigen, wie. Donald Trump and Melania Trump have been married since 2005 but to say that they 'lived happily ever after' might be a stretch. Footage has recently emerged of the two wrestling to hold each other's hands as they disembarked from Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews from Morristown, NJ. The president seemed determined to hold the first lady's hand as they made their way dow

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